The Woolly Tap Hookers

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Hey Lovelies

Its Fry-yay!!!!

Oh boy they come round quickly nowadays now we are enjoying life doing what makes us happy. 

Nestled in the Pennines is Simply Yarn and Accessories little shop The Woolly Tap which can be found down at Lakeside Studio in Marsden (see previous blog post)

Friday morning is when our shop group, The Woolly Tap Hookers meet.  During the morning we knit, natter and craft.

It’s so lovely meeting like minded people.


This morning was a little quieter than usual but we still had a lovely morning.  Everyone is welcome and we have plenty of room for more members.

Our new member today was the lovely Lisa who came all the way from Bury on her motorbike 😳

Not quite sure how she managed to get through Saddleworth as today is Whit Friday which is brass band contest day.  All the villages close and everyone competes for the big band prizes.  Here is a link for the contest if anyone is interested

Here’s Lisa -  we have decided to offer her a job !!.  Think of Deliveroo but then think Yarn.

Deliver-yarn !!! Good idea? 🤔💡 thoughts please……

Anyway back to the yarn pics.  So on the table today we had……

The lovely Shelly was trying to pass off my #postcardswithlove blanket for her own!

Here is the link to the Coastal Crochet Page where you will find the links to download the pattern for the beautiful blanket.

Also on the table was Laura with her #daytripperblanketcalHere is the link for the free pattern for the Sirdar CAL

Lisa (our newest recruit) had a beautiful blanket WIP on the table.  I am not sure of the pattern to link it to but if you are interested get in touch and we will find out who designed it 

Maggie brought along her friend Cynthia who tried to crochet but lost count of her chain due to the nattering she was doing 😂



Linda was still working through her knitting and still not sure what it is to be

By the end of the morning Lisa fitted in well with the crazy gang….

Baby Rosie was very well behaved in the playpen.  We knew that would come in handy at the charity shop 👶

As you can see we ‘wouldn’t put baby in the corner’ without her being sat on a beautiful crocheted blanket.  This is the #harmonyblanket by Attic24 

Here is the link to Lucy’s blog

and so the end to the morning came far too quickly and everyone had to leave…..

Please if your nearby do come join us for coffee and cake and say hello.

Everyone always welcome 

Have a lovely weekend

Veronica & Beth xxxxxx