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Get ready for a fabulous new Stylecraft Crochet Along launching this April. Stylecraft are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Under the Sea Crochet Along designed by their super Stylecraft Blogstar Catherine Bligh. ‘Under the Sea’ is a blanket inspired by the incredible marine life to be found beneath, and above, the waves. Each square draws directly from a different marine creature or feature, each one surrounded by water. Using a range of stitches, the squares incorporate different shapes and textures to create a blanket that you’ll love to feel as well as look at.

Yarn Packs On Sale Tue 15th March
Introduction/Getting Ready Tue 22nd Mar
Part One Tue 5th Apr
Part Two Tue 19th Apr
Part Three Tue 3rd May
Part Four Tue 17th May
Part Five Tue 31st May
Part Six Tue 14th June
Part Seven Tue 28th June
Part Eight Tue 12th July
Part Nine Tue 26th July


All patterns will be available for free from our website in UK & US terms.  There are no videos for the patterns but each one contains  clear written instructions with step by step images.  

Pack 1 - Fathoms Below - Special DK, x 15 Balls       £29.50Lapis x 2 ballsCloud Blue x 2 balls Turqouise x 2 balls Royal x 3 ballsSherbet x 2 balls Saffron x 1 ballClementine x 1 ballShrimp x 1 ballWhite x 1 ballPack 2 - Beautiful Briny Sea - Bambino DK & Bellissima DK 18 x Balls    £49.50

Bambino DKAll at Sea x 2 ballsBlue Mist x 3 balls (stock available 10th March)*Vintage Blue x 3 ballsBellissima DKDouble Denim x 2 ballsSugar Snap x 3 ballsMellow Yellow x 1 ballToasted Almond x 1 ballPurple Passion x 2 ballsSingle Cream x 1 ball

Pack 3 - Edge of the Water - Batik DK 35 x Balls               £69.50

Storm x 4 ballsSage x 4 ballsPistachio x 6 ballsMint x 6 ballsTeal x 5 ballsRose x 2 ballsHeather x 2 ballsCherry x 4 ballsBiscuit x 2 balls

All packs are inclusive of FREE Postage & Packaging (UK Only)

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