New beginnings !

Posted by Veronica Drury on

Firstly may I thank everyone who believed in me.  I love you all Xxxxxxxx

So this week we said goodbye to the 1st Woolly Tap

and moved into our new premises at Lakeside Studio in Marsden

Just so you know Lakeside Studio is not at the side of a lake as you would probably would envisage so don’t go looking on a map for a Lake in Marsden to find the shop.

The New Woolly Tap is actually at the back of New Mills in the centre of Marsden our car park would have once been the mill pond which was fed from the River Colne hence the Lakeside reference.

Looking at the picture you wouldn’t think the space was much bigger than the old shop however we have a little tardis.  In our new space we have a retail shop, a kitchen, a seperate room to host workshops and a little toilet plus outside space that needs a little TLC.

The big move happened last weekend and boy it was exhausting painting the new shop ready to move in.  We took the stance that ‘many hands make light work’

I would like to say a massive thanks to husbands, sons, daughters, son in laws, grandchildren, nephews and friends who all chipped in at some point.

I was really sad to see my little space go and it will be forever in my heart.

When I set out on my journey I always hoped the little space would be a stepping stone to bigger and better things and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

I will never forget the first investment of yarn.  It just had to be Stylecraft Special DK the go to yarn for all my yummy Attic24 blankets

Then along came my beautiful repainted dresser that came off the marketplace for the bargain price of £20


From my humble beginnings my little shop just grew and grew.  

I had a lot of customers asking for knitting groups and beginners crochet so my next step was to form my little yarn group ‘The Woolly Tap Hookers’!

I didn’t purposely choose this name but as our little group grew and grew it was the group that named the group.  Here are a few of the group


I was so surprised as people came to the group who I had never met and before we knew it we had all become great friends.  

One special lady was to become both a good friend and now business partner.  Believing in me and investing in my business.  So I would like to introduce to you Beth Schofield business partner in The NEW Woolly Tap

Beth is just so so lovely, a brilliant crocheter, a brilliant mentor and we have so many ideas to bring into the business over our 5 year business plan. 

I will let Beth tell you all about herself and her interests in a seperate blog (that’s if she wants).

So hopefully you will see we have some very exciting plans ahead and we would love you all to come along this journey with us.  

Come see our new space, participate in a workshop or just come for coffee, cake and a natter.  

Everyone is welcome in The Woolly Tap


Veronica xxxxxxxxxxxxx